A history of doing it the right way

How did we go from 15 employees and $1 million in revenue to over 1,100 employees and more than $165 million in revenue in the span of 25 years?

It began in 1990. That’s when Bob Coughlin cashed in some savings, sold stock and took a small business loan to start a payroll company. With that, he began laying the foundation for a business that would become one of the largest independently owned HR and payroll companies in the country.

Today’s Paycor is a result of hiring the right people, partnering with the right companies, building the right products and growing the right way.

Working with solid allies

In 1994, Paycor agreed to process payrolls for the clients of another Cincinnati-based business: Fifth Third Bank. By 2000, our sales professionals were working with and receiving referrals from Fifth Third. And today the partnership continues to thrive.

Relying on personal strength

In 1997, we put together a development team and charged them with creating payroll software from scratch. A huge undertaking, but one which we believed would provide us with the greatest flexibility for the future.

And it worked. Today, Paycor’s software is a key differentiator between us and the competition–it allows us to update and change along with the needs of our clients. Plus it has allowed us to expand beyond payroll, creating solutions for HR, time and attendance and more.

Exploring new territory

In the early years, we quickly expanded our borders—moving into Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana. Then in July of 2004, we slapped on some sunscreen and expanded into Jacksonville, Florida. Later in 2006, we moved farther west into Kansas City. Today, with over 28 offices serving more than 30,000 clients from all 50 states, geographical constraints are ancient history.

A single platform, performing for you

In the summer of 2012, we launched Perform, our flagship payroll and HR platform. By the end of that year, we had moved close to half of our client base onto the new application, at no additional charge to them. Using client suggestions, we add new features and functionality every quarter to ensure Perform meets the needs of the companies we serve.

A new space to drive our growth

In the spring of 2014, Paycor moved its corporate headquarters from west of downtown Cincinnati to a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility in Norwood, Ohio. By fostering increased collaboration and creativity, the new space moves our growth forward and enables us to better serve our clients.

Hiring good people

From the beginning Paycor has been a company built upon a commitment of putting clients first through exceptional personal service. That in and of itself requires a special kind of person. One who cares—about their work, their coworkers and their community. It means that since the beginning, we’ve hired the kind of people who make a difference.

Reach out to a representative today. See how we can make a difference for you.

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