We’re into going above and beyond

It’s our company policy

What We Believe
We believe in good solutions, good deeds and in the goodwill of our clients. It’s not just business, it’s personal. We’re our client’s partner, our coworker’s friend and the community’s ally. Are we too into HR and payroll? Too crazy about helping people? Too geared up about our clients success and our employee’s happiness? Maybe. Probably. And we’re okay with that.

Personal Development
You’ll have a clear vision of the big picture. From quarterly company breakfasts to weekly status updates, you’ll always know how the company is doing and where it’s heading. You’ll also meet with your manager regularly to stay on top of where you want to go and how well you’re progressing.

Community Service
Bob Coughlin, the founder of Paycor, is also the founder of one of the best marathons in the country—Cincinnati’s Flying Pig. So suffice to say, being a part of the community is a big part of Paycor. See all the ways we get involved. And see if a company that believes in the greater good is a great fit for you.

YP Group
Young professionals have a leg up when it comes to starting their careers at Paycor. This is a place that thrives on the energy of those seeking to reach their fullest potential and the YP Group will help stoke the fires. From cross-functional networking with executives and colleagues to developmental “Lunch and Learns,” you’ll be able to build a professional network quickly. Plus the group facilitates social events, so it’s easy to make friends fast.

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