Is Paycor your kind of place?

Get to know us and find out.

Brian C.

Product Manager, Foot-in-Mouth Award Winner
Employee since 2007

Why did you choose Paycor?

From my very first conversation with Paycor, I could tell that it was a company that had a strong plan to succeed and was vested in taking care of its people along the way.  That and HR was giving away Flying Pig Marathon pig key chains at the career fair.

What’s your favorite Paycor memory?

I think my favorite Paycor memory would be seeing our executives rock out to Van Halen at a Quarterly Breakfast; the guitar solo by our COO was superb.

How did you get to where you are today? 

I started with Paycor as a Management Trainee following my graduation from Miami University.  After two years of rotational-style assignments across the entire business, I landed in a role that crosses several of my interests and skills as a member of our HRIS team.

Tell us a funny Paycor story. 

During my rotation with our HR team, I announced our first annual Tacky Holiday Sweater Contest.  Throughout the course of the day I commented on several colleagues well-appointed holiday cheer, but it became clear that one of our executives was dressed to win.  After informing him late in the day that he was poised to win our contest, he responded, “what contest?”.