Is chaos putting your business at risk?

  • Overwhelming administrative tasks
  • Wasted time rekeying information into multiple applications
  • Questions about compliance changes
  • Custom reports being harder to create than they should be
  • Routine employee requests piling up

Control the chaos with Perform

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What is Perform?

What is Perform?

Perform is the future of employee administration.With this intuitive online application you can easily pay employees, manage HR data, track time and create reports. Plus, we handle all the tax details for you.

Clients say it's easy to learn

Clients say it’s easy to learn

Listen to how it has helped Rachel Winters with payroll.

Clients say it saves time

Clients say it saves time

Hear Christina Phillips of Jackson Spalding’s story.

Perform manages payroll, reporting & HR in one place

Time saving pay grid

Everything you need to run payroll can be found on a single page. Make edits to employee information, calculate pay totals, add deductions and create as many additional columns as you need without leaving the pay grid.

Help is just a click away

Quickly search for answers and get access to articles, videos and reference guides whenever you need them. Can’t find what you need? Click support to send your question to Paycor.

No-hassle data entry

You no longer have to make all of your employee changes before entering your payroll. Make adjustments without losing any time or data you’ve already entered.

Import employee hours

Avoid re-keying hours by importing data directly from one of Paycor’s time and attendance applications or an Excel spreadsheet.

Fast and customizable reporting options

You control access so users see only the reports you want them to see. You can even provide your CPA reporting access at no additional cost.

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Create custom reports. Use them again & again

With Custom Web Reporting, you can set reports to be automatically emailed to you or others. You can report across calendar years, access 7 years of past payroll, tax and HR reports and export the report in the file format that fits your needs (ie. Excel, html).

Choose from over 60 standard payroll reports

With our standard reporting option, you can view quarterly tax returns, W-2s and 1099s and you’ll have access to 3 years of past payroll and tax reports.

Build your employee database

Use unlimited custom fields to track anything from uniform sizes to background checks. Plus use your Paycor reporting tools to create birthday, anniversary and contact information lists.

Learn more about Time & Attendance

Quickly and easily add new hires

Follow a seamless, automated path to adding a new employee to your company. The new hire wizard is just one of several tools built into Perform that help guide you through multi-step processes.

Give your employees an app designed for them

Our app answers questions so you don’t have to. Designed specifically for your employees, this easy-to-use app allows them to view their pay information securely from their iOS or Android device.

Avoid HR missteps that threaten your business

Protect your business from costly mistakes with our comprehensive online HR resource, HR Support Center. It provides instant access to handbook templates, job descriptions, legislative updates and much more. You can even get custom guidance from HR experts with HR on Demand.

Why let chaos put your business at risk?

With Paycor’s Perform you can:

  • Automate benefits enrollment and new hire processes to focus on strategy
  • Stay up to date on compliance changes through alerts and webinars to eliminate costly mistakes
  • Increase efficiency and decrease errors with our integrated HR, time and payroll applications
  • Create custom reports in minutes to help you make better business decisions
  • Empower your employees through self-service options
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"Perform is intuitive, user friendly, and overall a wonderful tool that speeds up payroll processing while increasing accuracy."


Maureen Jarema

Saginaw Board of REALTORS

"I love Perform! It is much easier to  maneuver around and calculate checks and is definitely more user friendly which is great!"


Kim Coomer

D & E Machine Co.

"I recommend anyone who has payroll pain to look into Perform."


Anthony DiBacca

Dave's Cosmic Subs

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