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3 Month Free Trial T&C
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Paycor, Inc.


Pursuant to the SM Web Promotion (the ‘Promotion’) Provider will provide You with promotional credits (the ‘Credits’) equal to one-hundred percent (100%) of any monthly fees for Basic, Essential, Core, and Complete,(the ‘Services’) incurred in using the Services as set forth in this Order and otherwise payable by You for the three (3) month period commencing upon the date the Service is activated during implementation, subject to the following terms and conditions. In order to qualify for the Promotion: (a) this Order and any applicable Supplemental Agreements or Third-Party Terms must be executed by You and returned to Provider on or before August 31, 2022 and (b) all services in the Order must be fully implemented on or before January 31, 2023. If any of the conditions identified in (a) or (b) are not satisfied then all Credits issued under the Promotion will be reversed, and You agree that Provider may charge You the value of such Credits times the termination percentage in the table below (‘Promotion Recovery Termination Fee’) and collect such amounts as otherwise permitted according to the terms of the Order and the Provider Terms.

Total Months Processing Termination Percentage:
<13 100%
13-18 50%
18+ 0%

The parties understand and agree that neither Implementation Fees nor any other Payroll-related fees (including without limitation paycheck shipping and handling fees) are a part of the Promotion and that all fees other than the monthly or per-processing Payroll fees (excluding delivery) will remain payable by You according to the terms of the Order and the Provider Terms. Leave before 13 months, pay back 100% leave between month 13-18 pay 50% back. Discount applies only to the base bundle chosen and not any other fees/services. Does not include delivery.

Effective starting: 1 August 2022