Andrew M.

How did you choose Paycor?

I started as an intern in the Accounting department and actually interned for Paycor for four and a half years--which is a record in case you were wondering. I was able to hold four or five different roles in that department and really get to know what Accounting does as well as Paycor as a whole. By the time my intern ended, it was an easy decision to take on a full time role with Paycor.

Brian V.

VP, Sales and Marketing Technology

What’s your favorite Paycor memory?

My favorite Paycor memory is when we launched to the Sales & Marketing team. We had a great team of associates from multiple departments, who worked incredibly hard for six months leading up to the launch. We hit our goal, launched on time, and have been moving full steam ahead ever since!

My Paycor Story

What surprised you the most about Paycor?

I was pleasantly surprised with the ability to make changes and get things done in a short amount of time. The company embraces fresh thinking and is willing to support new ideas.

Tell us a funny Paycor story.

During college basketball season, we had a bracket tournament of Paycor executives. Each round, Paycor associates would vote for an executive to advance to the next round. The two finalists ended up in a dunk tank in the parking lot where associates could buy tickets for a chance to dunk the execs (the money went to charity, of course). It was a lot of fun and definitely funny!

What do you keep on your desk? Pictures of my kids, a “Wedge” iPhone holder, a Margaritaville drink coaster, a glass sculpture I received as a gift from my first boss, a crazy marketing team picture from the “photo booth,” my certification award, and a copy of the book Manufacturing Demand.