Why did you choose Paycor?

I was attracted to the culture. There was just that "something" you can't quite describe. Maybe it's energy, maybe values, maybe history and passion.

What's your favorite Paycor memory?

I was part of the team who played host at the Friends and Family event the week before we started moving into our new building. The look of everyone's face as they came through the front door of the building was a look of pure joy, wonder and awe.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Walking and yoga. I have walked four half marathons this year. I am training for a 3/4 marathon this fall. My favorite part of the marathons is the training. I enjoy the time with my daughter and best friend from high school. Our chats are what keep me going when the weather is terrible and it's really early. I teach Hatha yoga two nights a week at a very small studio. I love helping people gain strength, flexibility and focus.

Are you involved in any community service? If so, what?

For a few years I have been involved in a German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue organization. I fostered several abandoned GSPs then had a foster fail. My family fell completely in love with our last foster and since our back yard can only handle so much high energy, I now only do some fund raising and weekend transports for GSPs entering the foster program.

What do you keep on your desk?

A pink flamingo, several pocket guides related to better meetings, process flows and other continuous improvement topics and you guessed it Post it Notes and Sharpies because you never know when an opportunity to brainstorm might present itself.