Why did you choose Paycor?

Paycor has created a culture of growth, excitement, professionalism, and the ability to control my own destiny. By listening to my feedback and providing me with exposure to senior leadership, Paycor makes me feel connected to our company both as a leader and as an individual contributor. I love knowing that I'm part of creating a great company!

What’s your favorite Paycor memory?

In my third month with the company I traveled back to our headquarters and bumped into Bob Coughlin, our CEO, in the hallway. Without any hesitation at all, he said "Hi Sean, how are Katie and the kids?" I was so caught off guard that he actually remembered my name and even my wife's name. It was at that point I knew that I was working for someone that cared about his employees and their families!

Are you involved in any community service? If so, what?

I've participated in several Paycor Community Partners events at the Harvester's Food Bank with our team in Kansas City. I most recently joined the Knights of Columbus organization in Charlotte to get involved in a range of community service projects throughout the Carolinas, including building wheelchair ramps for residents throughout our community.

What is your personal motto?

To attack every day with enthusiasm and a desire to win, and to have fun along with way!

What do you keep on your desk?

Paycor reached out to our each of our spouses a few years back and asked them to write each of us a letter about how proud they are of us and how much they love us. It is one of my most cherished objects on my desk (along with a million pictures of my wife and kids) as a reminder of how lucky I am and why I work so hard!