Is Paycor your kind of place?

Get to know us and find out.

Tim R.

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Why did you choose Paycor?

My goal was to find a growing company with a great work environment and company culture. Paycor has consistently won awards for being a Top Workplace as well as many community-driven awards. After I met some of the great people during my interviews, it seemed like a no-brainer.

My Paycor Story

How did you get to where you are today?

I started at Paycor as an Associate Marketing Manager back in 2012. At Paycor, there’s a lot of opportunity to drive important initiatives and make a big impact. I had a few of those opportunities early on, and ultimately was promoted to Product Marketing Manager about 18 months later. We’ve got a great, collaborative team of people at Paycor, and I can honestly say they’re a big part of my personal success.

Tell us a funny Paycor story.

This would probably be a good chance to explain the Chief Awesome Officer title. During our implementation of as our CRM system, my personal information was imported. All of my information was added correctly, except my title said “Chief Awesome Officer.” When people were getting emails from me or looking up my information in our system, they would see Chief Awesome Officer next to my name—which obviously they found to be pretty funny. I had 20-25 emails in that first week from people asking about my title. I didn’t tell anyone on our data team, because honestly, I kind of liked the title. I hope it still exists in our system like that today.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I’m from the Washington, D.C. area, so pretty much everyone knows I love all of the sports teams in that area. I also love to play soccer and football in my spare time. You may also find me at some local trivia shows in Cincinnati or, every once in a while, singing a karaoke song I have no business singing.

Are you involved in any community service? If so, what?

When I first came to Paycor, the community aspect was really important to me. Before coming to Paycor, I had helped my previous workplace start a non-profit. My favorite program I’m involved in is called Steps for Success, a non-profit created by my manager, which helps high school students prepare to graduate and achieve their goals of either going to college or finding a good job. I’ve also been involved in the Flying Pig Marathon the last three years and I’ve participated in several other community events driven by other Paycor Associates.