My name is Jeff Walton. I'm the Director of Human Resources and Volunteer Services at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. I've been with the zoo for six and a half years, and we've been a Paycor client for about a year and a half.

We were with a large competitor payroll service for about 12 years. Over time, the customer service levels of our provider went down. Since we've switched to Paycor, life in HR has taken on kind of a new attitude. We don't have the continual problems we had. We don't have outdated software. We have a number of customer service reps that when we call them they know our name. They deal with our problem now. If they don't have the answer, they get back to us in a timely fashion.

We track labor on a day-to-day basis. We are a non-profit, so budget is a very important point for us that we track on a daily basis.

We recently added HR Performer to our suite of products, and as an HR director, it was like Christmas Day to me. I got a system that gave me every tool I could ever ask for in managing employee data, and also, in the long run, helping our managers better manage the several hundred seasonal employees that come in and out of zoo employment every year. If our attendance is down, managers will reduce staff to stay within budget. They can pull reports and Paycor is great about working with us to create custom reports to put it out for all of our managers, and tweaked it as they used it and said it's not giving us quite what we want. It's now exactly what they're looking for. They can pull it up at any time of day and see how much time and money they have spent with their department employees and make staffing decisions on the fly.

With Time on Demand being web based, that was such a key part of what we were looking for. We have employees in all of our different departments of the Zoo that may travel around the country and the world. For them to be able to get into the system via the Internet and not only deal with their time issues, but manage their employees' time issues, it was just the best thing we could ask for.

We have an individual specialist for payroll, for Time on Demand, and for HR Performer. It is very important because we can reach out to that person. We have a personal relationship with them. We don't just understand that they deal with us as a zoo customer. You get to know them as a person, and it makes that service, both ways, better for everyone.

I would recommend Paycor to anyone who is looking for a new payroll provider. They've given us everything we've asked for in product, service, and cost.