The upgrade notice you received contains your Username and Password required for the download and installation of onsite Paycor Payroll 5.5.

You must have administrative rights and should ensure all other Paycor Payroll users are signed out before beginning your upgrade.

If you have multiple installations of Paycor Payroll, you need only complete the upgrade once.

  1. Click the Click Here button in the email.

  1. If a dialog window asks if you want to Run or Save the file, click ‘Run’.

  2. A brief 'minimum requirements check' runs to ensure your system can install Paycor Payroll 5.5.

  3. The list of checked items displays along with a Passed or Failed indicator.

Failed: If an item or items failed, the minimum requirement is displayed with a message to contact your local System Administrator. Contact your IT department; they will need to update your system and run the check again. You can then start back at Step 1 above.

Passed: If all minimum requirements are met, a success message and “Download URL’ link displays

  1. Click the ‘Download URL’ link.

  2. When you see the login dialog window, enter your Username and Password from the email you received; then click ‘OK’.

  1. A window indicates the contents of the package are being extracted. When the extraction is complete, click ‘Next’.

  2. A’ Welcome to Paycor for Windows Setup’ window displays. It is recommended that you exit all Windows programs before running the setup program. Click ‘Next’.

  3. The license agreement displays. Click ‘Next’.

  4. The Destination folder displays. To install Paycor Payroll 5.5 to this location, click ‘Next’. To install to a different location, click ‘Browse’ and find the location; then click ‘Next’.

  5. The Setup Status windows shows your current installation progress; this may take up to 10 minutes to complete.

  6. When you see the Setup Complete message box, click ‘OK’.

  1. If the upgrade could not be completed or you encounter any unexpected errors, contact Paycor Technical Support at 877.299.6424.

  2. Open Paycor Payroll to apply the updates to your local database; this may take up to 10 minutes to complete.