5 Tips for Preventing Employee Absenteeism This Summer

Summer is upon us, bringing sunshine, vacations and warmer weather. But it can also bring an increase in employee absenteeism. Summertime has been linked to absenteeism for many reasons, such as:

* Increased parental responsibilities when children are out of school
* Respiratory infections, allergies and asthma
* Employees “faking sick” to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather

Studies have found that hourly workers are even more likely to “fake sick” in order to enjoy the summer weather, since they are less likely to have paid sick or vacation time. But the trend of higher absenteeism could affect any member of your workforce, so here are some tips to help prepare you for this summer.

5 Tips for Managing Summertime Absences

# Make sure employees are aware of their sick, vacation and paid time off (PTO) balances and that they are using the days they have accrued. Using Paycor’s employee mobile app is an easy way to help your employees manage their time off.
# Leverage a time and attendance system to keep track of employee hours, monitor absences and manage PTO requests. Manager self-service allows supervisors to stay on top of employee vacation requests or missed shifts.
# When employees are on vacation, make sure the workload for the rest of the team is balanced to prevent overwork, stress and absenteeism.
# Consider implementing flexible work arrangements that will allow employees to balance any parental obligations in the summer months.
# Provide incentives for perfect attendance, recognizing employees who haven’t missed a single day all summer with prizes or other rewards.

Armed with these tips and the right technology, you can reduce the negative effects of warm weather on employee attendance. Learn more about how Paycor’s time and attendance solutions and Employee Mobile app can help you manage your workforce better: talk with a Paycor representative.

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