Posted on August 31, 2015

7 Apps That’ll Change How You Do Business

Business today depends on being savvy and connected, and if you’re not utilizing the many amazing apps that are out there, you’re already at a competitive disadvantage. Check out some of these apps--they can help push you to the next level.


Trello is the ultimate project management app. Marketed as “a whiteboard with superpowers,” Trello is a collection of cards within lists on boards. You move cards across the lists as things get done so you can tell at a glance where each project is in its process. It’s extremely versatile and allows for teams to collaborate on any shared boards while also providing a helpful audit trail.


Evernote is an expansive note-taking and file-sharing platform. In order to get the most out of Evernote, you really need to commit to using the plethora of features it offers and embrace it as your one-stop-shop for organizing your business and your life. You can write notes, tag and organize them, merge and share your notes, set reminders, make presentations, capture screenshots, use Evernote email and sync to your other apps.

Sprout Social

As we’re sucked into using more and more social media platforms, it has become almost impossible to manage all of them. Sprout can help organize all of your feeds into one spot. You can schedule posts in advance and take advantage of their reporting tools for analyzing your marketing and PR efforts. Sprout is pricy, but if you’re serious about maximizing your presence on social media, it’s a must.


Outlook recently acquired Acompli mobile email and launched an app of their own. It’s a sleek app and is much better alternative to having your phone’s email app pull in your Outlook mail. You can also sync with your other accounts and calendar for a centralized hub for scheduling and email.


This group messaging app is designed for collaborating with teams and streamlining communication. It allows file sharing, easy searching, and integrates with many other apps that your team uses already. That way, you keep all your team messages and communication in one place. Since communication is at the core of any business, Slack has become an invaluable tool. is a free app for calls and screen-sharing, so you can hold meetings and presentations with part or all of your team working remotely. Since distance work is becoming more popular and often actually improves productivity, can empower your employees to share from wherever they're working.

Available on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, this video conferencing app is another way to keep your team communicating on the go. You can create a room for up to 8 people at a time and invite anyone to join--even if they don't have the app.

All of these apps have the potential to kick-start your company’s productivity, organization, and communication. Check out Paycor's mobile app for a way to manage your HR, payroll and benefits on the go.

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