Posted on February 7, 2014

A Simple Solution for Non-Profits

Paul Ledden looks back and wonders what he was thinking. Despite years of processing payroll through Paycor, Ledden, director of personnel services for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati, was lured away to another provider by a compelling sales pitch.

He regretted his decision immediately and returned quickly to his trusted partner, Paycor, where he knows doing payroll for his 130 employees will be an accurate, hassle-free process. As a result, Ledden is able to focus on what really matters: the mission of his non-profit organization.

“Once I got into the new provider’s system, it was really difficult,” Ledden says. “There were so many different contact people. Who do you call with this problem? I was getting bombarded with calls from them, too. … I just want to get payroll done. I don’t need all this peripheral stuff going on.”

With Paycor, Ledden says, he’s always confident that he’s processing payroll correctly. When he does have a question, his dedicated specialist is a quick phone call away. That means he never has to worry about issues such as compliance, and he has accurate reports on which to base strategic decisions.

“To me, it’s very intuitive and easy to use,” Ledden says. “When I do call Paycor, there’s also someone knowledgeable who’s willing to help. It’s uncomplicated. It’s very simple that way, and I like that.”

Paycor has helped Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati maximize its resources so it can put mission ahead of minutiae. Want to learn more about how Paycor can help your nonprofit organization? Watch a brief demo of our Perform platform.