Posted on December 28, 2011

Paycor takes the cake…the cupcake, that is.

Co-founder Pam Turkin estimates that by the end of 2012, Just Baked will have 25 to 27 stores in the metropolitan Detroit area selling 65 flavors of cupcakes. With sales reaching $4 million annually, managing this growing business meant tapping Paycor as a new ingredient for continued success.

After meeting with Paycor Account Manager Brie Hamilton, Kevin Belisle, operations manager for JustBaked, was intrigued by Paycor’s comprehensive solutions. Kevin was sold on the fact that time, attendance and payroll data could easily be compartmentalized by store, employee and more. This detailed information could provide new insights on how the stores were performing and contribute to the continued growth and success of the company.

Just Baked was impressed with the suite of solutions Paycor offered, but it was their dedicated customer service that made them stand out above the rest. With a “no call center” approach to service, Paycor is able to get to know their clients personally and serve as a helpful resource.

What’s more, for a company with so many locations, ReadyClock, gives Just Baked management the ability to move from paper time cards to electronic time records. As a result, employee counts and hours can easily be monitored improving staffing and increasing accuracy of payroll data.

Online Check Stubs save time, paper and headaches by allowing Just Baked’s employees to securely access their pay information online. If there are any problems, Paycor is ready and available to help with a dedicated rep and a payroll specialist.

Just Baked also uses Paycor’s HR Support Center and HR On-Demand.

According to Belisle, “For a start-up, having access to proven HR techniques and qualifed experts goes a long way in adding value at a fraction of the price.” Now, he and his team have access to the forms, manuals and pros when needed. “That’s a big help for a growing business,” Belisle adds.

In summary, Just Baked leverages a range of solutions from Paycor to support its fast-paced growth, including:

  • Paycor Internet Entry saves time, is readily accessible anywhere and reduces human error.
  • ReadyClock time system enables tracking of many employees in multiple locations.
  • Online Check Stubs allows for secure online employee access to pay information.
  • HR Support Center provides customizable forms and manuals that meet a variety of needs.
  • HR On-Demand serves as a helpful resource for immediate counsel with live HR experts ready to answer important questions as they come up.
  • Dedicated Customer Service allows our specialists to get to know
    their clients and serve as a helpful resource.

With Paycor, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. “Just Baked is leveraging technology like a big company, without all the hassles and expense,” says Belisle.

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