Posted on January 10, 2014

CPA Kitty Jordan of Adams & Harper is a big fan of Paycor and our HR and payroll platform, Perform.

Watch the video above to hear her story, or read the transcript below.

“My name is Kitty Jordan, I am a partner and a CPA here at Adams & Harper PA in Orange Park, Florida. We have been a Paycor customer for a couple of years now.

"Several years ago, we had another payroll service and it didn’t go really well. They were a very large company, and when you would call and you had a problem, you ended up talking to a different person every time; you didn’t have a dedicated specialist. I didn’t really know a whole lot about Paycor, but when I started talking to Vivianne and she really, really sold her product, we decided to give them a chance.

"The most useful product upgrade that Paycor has done is Perform, I believe—being able to make changes during a payrun for individual employees’ deductions or income. *It didn’t take me a long time at all to learn Perform the first time that I did it.** I was very, very surprised at how easy it was.*

"Perform was primarily from customer feedback, and I feel that it has really come forth on our particular issues with the online reporting and processing payroll. *Being able to go from screen to screen to make changes to an employee’s deductions and then go back to the actual payrun was very helpful.** Perform is very easy to use, and the screens make it very nice and quick and fast to get the payroll run completed. I think that the clients will actually be able to use this and be able to understand it and use it very, very easily. Paycor has extremely good service for their customers, and CPA Care and Michele Stoy especially has been very useful for our clients as well as for our office.*

"We have had many, many instances, of course, being a CPA firm, where we have given the names of various payroll services to other clients, and *Paycor is at the top of the list for that due to their good interaction with us as well as with our clients.”***