Posted on September 9, 2015

Advantages of an Onboarding Software Solution

Many companies do all of their onboarding functions by hand. In addition to being wildly inefficient, however, performing onboarding tasks by hand could leave you susceptible to compliance violations and employee dissatisfaction. Here are some of the many issues at play when it comes to onboarding.

* Compliance. A lot of paperwork is necessary to properly onboard a new employee, and the requirements are constantly changing. Trying to keep up with these requirements is time-consuming and opens the door to costly mistakes.

* Disengagement and turnover. The onboarding experience is the first impression a company gives to an employee. If that does not go well, employees may not stick around. For those that do stay, that first impression will continue to influence their opinion throughout their tenure.

* Inefficiency. Many of the processes that are involved in onboarding someone are totally unnecessary. If new hires fill out paperwork and return it to HR to input into a system, you’re wasting precious time on a process that could be paperless. HR departments generally have enough to worry about—onboarding paperwork should be easy.

Paycor has applicant tracking and onboarding software that helps with all of these issues by increasing flexibility and reducing the effort that your HR department needs to invest in each of your new hires. Here are some of the advantages of using an onboarding solution like Paycor’s that help give a good impression to employees going through the new hire process.

* Usability. Onboarding software is easy to navigate, especially for millennials, and can populate information across forms, so new hires do not need to fill out their address and birthdate multiple times. Employees will appreciate the ease of use and the time saved during the hiring process.

* Early engagement. With onboarding software, you get to engage with your new hires even before their first day of work. Their first day need not be full of forms and guidebooks. When you engage with employees early, they will be prepared to start at the company with an understanding of the expectations the company has of them.

* Flexibility. With early access to the necessary forms and an easy platform to fill them out, new hires have the flexibility to complete forms whenever convenient before their start date. Additionally, this gives HR an easy way to customize forms and messages for new hires.

Using applicant tracking and hiring software like Paycor’s means streamlining your processes and improve the experience for both new hires and the HR department. Our popular 90-day onboarding checklist can help.

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