Altius is a higher education client with over 50 employees located in San Francisco and Toledo. They use many areas of Paycor's HR and payroll applications but wanted to take advantage of the HRIS's open enrollment functionality.

During a training call, Kelly Causey, a Paycor HRIS Consultant, and Stacey Boise, Altius’ HR Generalist, were working through all of the benefit plans Altius had to offer. Stacey mentioned that she would only need to capture employee paid benefit plans. Kelly questioned why Stacey didn’t want to include the company paid benefit plans, (i.e. Life, Disability, etc.). Stacey was not aware Paycor's HRIS had this functionality. Kelly explained that regardless of the type of plan (employee and/or company paid), all of Altius’ plans could be loaded into HR Performer. Stacey mentioned how time consuming it was to reconcile Altius’ benefit plan invoices each month, as they use Excel to track their spending internally. Kelly showed Stacey how to compare a vendor invoice to benefit reporting within the system and how to run reports on Altius Education’s plan costs.

Stacey was really excited to use Paycor's HR application reporting capabilities to eliminate a few more steps out of her day. She was appreciative of the training on benefits and open enrollment and is eager to roll out this feature to Altius’ employees.