Posted on June 21, 2011

Paycor wins American Business Award for Payrollin video

Paycor's Payrollin' video has been named the 2011 American Business Award winner in the Motivational Video Category.

Paycor enjoys incorporating fun elements into employee gatherings, especially our annual sales and client service team event to kick off the fiscal year. The mission of this event is to provide training, recognition and motivation while having fun. The event theme was “Drive”, so we parodied Toyota Sienna’s Swagger Wagon video using our own rappers, dancers and videographer. The surprising display of untapped employee talent combined with lyrics about what makes Paycor a great place to work made the video a hit with our employees.

Finalist Honorees
American Express, New York, NY: Reveille
Rising Medical Solutions, Chicago, IL: Rising Medical Solutions: YOU-MAKE-IT-HAPPEN
XPLANE, Portland, OR: Celebrating Working Women!: XPLANE

4daCor Records

Writers: Brad Wolfe/Jim Stilgenbauer - Paycor, Cincinnati, Ohio
Singers: Brad Wolfe/Jim Stilgenbauer - Paycor, Cincinnati, Ohio
Director: Steve Wellington/Brad Wolfe/Jim Stilgenbauer - Paycor, Cincinnati, Ohio
Producer: Steve Wellington - Paycor, Cincinnati, Ohio
Executive Producer: Stacey Browning - Paycor, Cincinnati, Ohio