Announcing the Q2 Product Update

Several new enhancements to Paycor’s applications have arrived! The Q2 Product Update, which rolled out Thursday, May 15, incorporated many client-suggested ideas into our software. Check out some of the highlights of this recent update:

Custom Reporting gets conditional formatting capabilities

Custom Reporting, always a favorite with clients, has added several exciting new features over the past few months. With our most recent update, you can use conditional formatting, or “If/Then” statements, in your reports. This makes digging into your data even easier.

And don’t forget the custom formula feature, which was added a few updates ago. They allow you to create your own calculations within the reporting application, helping you get your data out of Excel and into the cloud.

New and improved dashboard charts

Why spend time creating a chart or graph in Excel when Custom Reporting does it for you? The reporting dashboard (as seen in the image above) allows you to quickly generate meaningful insights from all your employee data, see historical labor trends and predict future outcomes. Examples of charts include average length of service, employees paid per month, and new with this product update, total compensation by month and by department. You can click any chart to drill into the details, and, if you’re not ready to let go of Excel, you can export the data for even more flexibility.

Custom fields now have pick lists

Another popular feature is custom fields, which allows you to create, customize and report on an unlimited number of fields for any employee data you could imagine, from emergency contact information to training certifications. The Q2 Product Update now gives administrators the ability to set pre-defined choices in a pick list format. For example, the custom field “T-Shirt Size” can have a defined list of choices, such as S, M, L, XL etc. This feature ensures your employee data is consistent across the board.

Are your employees using the Paycor mobile app?

We continue to add enhancements to our Employee Mobile application, many from user-suggested ideas. With summer on its way, employees will enjoy being able to review vacation balances and request time off from their mobile devices. They can also view pay history and contact their colleagues via an employee directory.

Coming soon: Applicant Tracking’s new look

In a few weeks, Applicant Tracking will be getting a facelift. See a preview of the new look and learn about what this application can do for your hiring practices in this short video.

Want to learn more about any of these features or applications? Feel free to connect with a Paycor representative at any time.