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How To Make The Workplace Fun
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How To Make The Workplace Fun

We all know that work can be a drag sometimes. It’s work after all—it’s

something we all have to do and it takes up most of our waking hours

every Monday to Friday (if we’re lucky) and is set on an endlessly

repeating loop. It can be stressful, the routine can get boring, and it

can be hard to actually want to go to work at times.

Can a workplace even be fun, then? Is that concept antithetical to doing

your job? It doesn’t have to be! In fact, as an HR professional, your

role in making your workplace more fun and relaxed can bring some fun to

your own job. Below are some methods to make your workplace more fun and enjoyable.


  2. Hone Your Corporate Culture


    Your workplace should always be a reflection of your company’s values

    and ethos—you can’t compromise your corporate identity just for the sake

    of being loose, relaxed place to work. That being said, that doesn’t

    mean your corporate culture has to necessarily be stuffy and rigid


    Start with an eye for aesthetics—maybe some redecorating could be done

    to make your work spaces more pleasing to the eye. Add some color,

    install some art, and make the place sing with the colors and imagery

    that your company brand employs.

    Then add some personality. If the office is appropriate for it and

    allergies aren’t a problem, an office pet is always a nice perk. Got an

    extra meeting room that never gets used? Perhaps a game room or a

    café-themed group room could be just the right addition.

    These are all just examples—only you know what strikes the right balance

    of fun and professional. Whatever you add to the workplace needs to be

    in service of the culture you’re trying to foster in your office.



  4. Break Up The Monotony


    The thing which most often drags people down during a workday is the

    routine of it all. Start with the time-sensitive tasks, move on to other

    work, and hope that lunch or the end of the day comes before you

    completely lose your focus.

    To help perk up tired or bored minds in the office, use on-site events

    to break up the tedium. Google, for example, uses quick challenges or

    puzzles to keep their employees engaged and sharp. Many places have

    periods of the day or exercise, calisthenics, or yoga.

    Better yet, give your employees surprises. A simple means is by

    providing a communal lunch every so often or having a mid-afternoon

    coffee break with some entertainment or a guest speaker. Ask your

    employees for suggestions and use the best ones as an unexpected treat

    later on in the month or year.



  6. Get Creative With After Work Activities


    Outings are a great way for employees to bond without the specter of

    work looming over them, but they’re not for everybody. Happy hours are a

    good example—they can be a great source of camaraderie but they can be

    excluding to those who don’t want to go to a bar and always have the

    unfortunate potential of someone having one too many. A helpful hint: if

    you’re going to have an employee happy hour, make sure it’s at a venue

    with plenty of food.

    But, off-site perks don’t have to be limited to a five o’clock cocktail. Think

    about fun events or field trips to do on a half-day Friday. Use the

    resources around your office in your town or city for ideas—maybe try a

    trip to the ballpark during the summer or a picnic in nature during the

    springtime. And a couple times a year, have big company-wide events like

    an Office Olympics.

However you choose to do so, infusing some fun in the workplace not only

keeps your employees happier during the workday, it also boosts your

ability to attract and retain top talent. And on

top of all that, you may find that you like your own job even better as

a result.

Want to have the time to run your business and work on improving or

defining your culture?


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