Posted on September 29, 2016

Assembling Your A-Team

Remember the good old days in the business world? Companies could cast a wide net, reeling in young and eager talent that grew within the system to devote decades of loyal service. Assembling top talent was a much more direct path, with tried and true principles of success. The variables were few.

Today’s landscape is quite different, and successful companies have to utilize a diverse set of tools to attract the right talent. Foundational shifts in the modern corporate climate make acquiring talent an exercise in corresponding adaptability for employers. Assembling your A-Team calls for innovation in reading the modern world and marketing yourself in an attractive way to potential employees. Here are a few examples to follow.

Lay of the Land – As stated, the days of decades-long loyalty for employees are over. The rise of the gig economy means that many employees consider themselves as ‘brandable’ as the companies they work for. This new workforce, comprised largely of millennials, has expectations of personal attention rather than traditional benefits formerly prized by workers. Potential talent is going to know more about the companies recruiting them than at any time in history, and they want to make an informed decision. Make yours a culture that is attractive to the gig economy mindset, and you’ll be more likely to land the best of them.

Big Data – Just as employees know more about companies, employers and recruiters now have access to a mountain of information about potential hires thanks to social media. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn – the litany of outlets is endless. Showcasing your brand and culture through these channels helps in attracting candidates that fit. This information is also invaluable in not only reaching out to a wide variety of talent, but also getting into the mindset of a potential recruit. Experience and judgement have a way of identifying the right (or wrong) recruit.

Think Global – The world is a lot smaller than it used to be, so don’t limit yourself geographically. Rapid advancement in technology means that potential recruits can be ‘in the room’ even when they live thousands of miles away. Onboarding in different markets can also have cost benefits when factoring in competition and cost of living differences.

Beyond the Bonafides – It’s sometimes easy to be enamored with the contents of a resume, only to find out too late that you’re hiring more than just a sheet of paper. Weigh not only the candidate’s credentials but also their emotional IQ. Look at workplace intangibles like social skills, flexibility and drive. An engaged employee with the will to learn and grow can be twice as valuable as someone with a great resume but no ambition. Make no mistake – a resume can show solid educational and experience credentials. Just don’t let yourself overlook the whole picture.

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