Posted on November 24, 2010

Associate Spotlight: Damita Tartt, Tax Manager

“I’m a rule-follower,” says Paycor’s Damita Tartt, “and filing payroll taxes is all about following rules. I love my job!” Bob Coughlin’s first employee when Paycor opened its doors in 1990, Damita served as a conversion manager when Paycor made the move to its internally-designed software, and has worked in both quality control and new accounts. She feels as though she has found her niche as a Tax Manager.

“What I love about working for Paycor is the encouragement to make family a priority,” Damita says. “I left the company for a period of time because I was a single parent and couldn’t make the time commitment needed for a startup business, but stayed in touch and was asked to come back to manage the conversion to our own software when my son started school.” Damita’s son, Preston, graduated in May with a degree in criminal justice and has plans to go on to graduate school. “Without the support of my employer, raising Preston on my own would have been much more challenging.”

Damita embraces Paycor’s commitment to serving our community. She has been involved with the company’s support of a local inner-city school, raising funds and adopting a student each year during the holidays. She has also been a frequent volunteer for the Flying Pig Marathon. “This is a fun event,” Damita says. “We always have the first water stop of the race, right in front of the Paycor building.”

Professionally, Damita is active beyond her employment at Paycor. A member of the Independent Payroll Providers Association, she made a presentation at the organization’s 2009 conference. And she represents Paycor at the IRS Reporting Agent Forum (RAF), at which payroll organizations have opportunity to give input on how new tax regulations should be implemented. “My involvement with RAF gives Paycor early knowledge of coming changes in regulations,” Damita observes, “which helps us help our clients.”