Posted on October 23, 2012

Be the Designer: User-Driven Product Updates

Here at Paycor, we like to say that we have 22,000 product designers—our clients. But what does this really mean? It means we take the idea of putting users first seriously.

Over the past year, 65% of the product updates we have developed have come from client suggestions. Some of these include making changes "on the fly" in the paygrid, viewing totals as you enter payroll, and the option to allow employees to edit some of their own information, like withholdings and direct deposit details.

We gather many client suggestions from conducting usability studies where we invite clients to come in and use the products. Our user experience consultants observe how they interact with the products to make sure they are completely intuitive, and ask for their ideas about how to make them even better.

Clients are also able to share their ideas within Paycor products by clicking on the Feedback button. Once an idea has been submitted, other users can vote on the ideas they like best. Plus, our team will let you know where we are on developing those suggestions: whether it’s in the works, added to our roadmap, or we’ve started to investigate. We’ve implemented 45 user-provided ideas this year, and are currently working on even more.

So when we say you are the designer, we’re serious. We need your feedback to keep delivering the products our clients want. Have an idea for an enhancement? Let us know. It could become the newest feature in one of our products.