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Case Study: Pure Dental Brands
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Pure Dental Brands


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After experiencing numerous platform upgrades and data errors, Pure Dental Brands turned to Paycor for help.

“We had to quickly become experts during the pandemic, and we relied on Paycor to help provide the latest best practices and insights to support our people. Plus, our CFO was very pleased with Paycor’s quick response to provide PPP reporting.”

Ashley Brooker, VP of HR

Prior to Paycor

As the VP of HR, Ashley Brooker and her team manage more than 500 employees across 56 locations in eight states. HR oversees everything from hiring and training to compensation, compliance and engagement. For years, they used an HR & Payroll provider that offered little flexibility. Platform upgrades and additional implementations were required, which led to significant issues like losing employee data, and Ashley was reluctant to add new HR services.


  • Lack of functionality
  • Multiple implementations
  • Difficulty adding new products
  • Loss of employee data during upgrade
  • Manual recordkeeping

After Paycor

Pure Dental Brands has partnered with Paycor for more than four years and hasn’t looked back. Paycor’s software is extremely user friendly for administrators and employees, offering one central location to access all HR information. Administrators aren’t spending time switching between systems or relying on manual processes. And now that open enrollment and ACA management has been automated, the HR team can focus on enhancing employee communications and engagement during the pandemic.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Core HR solution for all employee data
  • COVID-19 resources and support
  • Automated open enrollment
  • ACA eligibility tracking
  • Enhanced reporting features

Pandemic Response

Paycor’s Coronavirus Resource Center provided Ashley and team with the resources needed to stay informed and support employees.

Benefits Advisor

Instead of relying on spreadsheets to manage open enrollment, Pure Dental Brands uses Paycor Benefits Advisor to automate the entire process. Employees can view benefits comparisons to make informed decisions, and administrators no longer spend time manually entering plan information for each employee.


Before Paycor, accessing and sharing reports was a lengthy and frustrating process that required HR to contact their previous provider for support. Now, the HR team is able to easily run reports and share them with others in the organization.

Pure Dental Brands partners with Paycor to streamline processes, manage employees and increase efficiencies.

“The transition to Paycor was seamless. We love the look of the system, there’s so much functionality than before and our employees find it very easy to use.”

Ashley Brooker, VP of HR

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