Case Study: Boulder Country Club
Case Study: Boulder Country Club

Case Study: Boulder Country Club

Boulder Country Club Industry
Boulder Country Club Employees
Boulder Country Club Paycor Solutions

Paycor’s enhanced implementation service model creates a fast start for Boulder Country Club.

“The transition to Paycor has been amazing. The hands-on guidance and support they offered during implementation saved us so much time. Paycor took control of the entire process so I could focus on other things.”

- Amber Maranya, HR Director, Boulder Country Club

Prior to Paycor

Boulder Country Club is a private club that serves 850 members across northern Colorado and offers everything from golf and tennis to fitness and swimming. Their previous HR & payroll platform was designed for small businesses and couldn’t easily track hours worked for commissioned employees. After evaluating multiple well-known providers, HR Director Amber Maranya and her team chose Paycor. Not only did Paycor’s sales representative make the staff at Boulder Country Club a priority, but Paycor offered a dedicated implementation experience to help ensure a smooth transition.


  • Poor user experience
  • Outdated system
  • Simple payroll tasks were time consuming

With Paycor

Instead of pulling data from their previous system and running multiple reports, Amber simply logged in and turned the account over to Paycor’s implementation team. From there, the Paycor team imported data and configured their system, assigning managers with the right permissions and setting up employee timecards. But the dedicated implementation support didn’t end there. Amber had weekly check-in calls to answer questions and identify solutions to any challenges. Paycor’s team was responsive and very knowledgeable throughout the process. When it was time for Amber to process the first payroll, it was seamless because of the training and support she had received.

10 Hours Saved Per Pay Period

Payroll processing often took 12 hours to complete. Now with Paycor, she can process payroll in 2 hours and spend more time developing new hire orientation and trainings.

Solutions & Key Features

Boulder Country Club partners with Paycor to streamline processes, manage employees and increase efficiencies.

Time Tracking

Paycor’s Time dashboard offers a single location for managers to view and approve timecards. And because hours worked are directly imported into the pay grid, Amber is not forced to balance timecards manually.


Paycor Onboarding allows new hires to provide personal information and fill out compliance forms prior to their first day. With custom fields, administrators can capture uniform information so the hiring manager has the appropriate shirt ready on their new hire’s first day.

Customer User Groups

At Paycor’s exclusive Customer User Group meeting, Amber met other Paycor Customers and previewed new features and future product enhancements. These dedicated user groups give users the opportunity to discuss industry challenges and share best practices on how to utilize Paycor’s solutions to solve business problems.

“The biggest benefit during implementation was Paycor’s team pulling all the data we needed from our previous provider. It saved us so much time and stress.”

- Amber Maranya, HR Director, Boulder Country Club

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