Case Study: EVO Entertainment
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Case Study: EVO Entertainment

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EVO needed an HR and payroll company who could handle their variety of job roles and accurately track overtime. They chose Paycor.

“I was nervous about implementation because everyone kept telling me it was going to be so much work and so difficult. But they couldn’t have been more wrong. Obviously, there were spurts of time where I was needed, but overall, it was white glove service. The whole process has been simple and easy.”

- Erin Miller, EVO HR and Payroll

Prior to Paycor

EVO, an out-of-home entertainment operator based in Texas, hires hundreds of employees (including seasonal) throughout the year to staff their cinemas, bowling alleys, arcades, restaurants and music venues. With their previous provider, overtime wasn’t being calculated accurately, resulting in a payroll correction that took eight months to fix. Recruiting options were limited and inefficient. Reporting in general and lack of visibility into their payroll journal was a time-consuming problem.


  • Payroll data didn’t flow from one system to another
  • Inaccurate overtime tracking
  • Recruiting and onboarding that wasn’t user friendly
  • Manual tracking of turnover
  • Overwhelmed with unqualified applications

With Paycor

Paycor’s HR, recruiting and onboarding solutions streamlined a once lengthy process and allows administrators to delegate responsibilities to managers and save time posting new job openings and tracking recruits through the hiring process. Learning Management gives new hires the appropriate training modules to complete at their convenience. Overtime is accurately tracked across multiple job codes, eliminating compliance concerns, and Erin has visibility into payroll before it’s processed.

2.5 Days Per Pay Period

Payroll processing used to take 8 hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now with Paycor, Erin can process payroll in 4 hours.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Seamless, streamlined payroll
  • Automated learning modules for new hires
  • Autonomy for managers when hiring
  • Increased efficiency in onboarding
  • Visibility into reporting (turnover, diversity, wage gaps)

EVO partners with Paycor to recruit, onboard, pay and retain their workforce.

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Benefits Advisor
  • Learning Management


The built-in access to job platforms such as LinkedIn and CareerBuilder allowed EVO to isolate some strong candidates. The job descriptions populate automatically to the EVO website, giving a universal look and easy-to-navigate experience for job seekers.


The streamlined experience introduces company policies and any departmental information directly related to a new hire’s position. They can view and sign documentation before their first day, lessening any potential compliance issues that may arise.


With one system to access data and process payroll, EVO never has to worry about compiling information from multiple sources, tax errors or data integrity. Employees can use multiple job codes which allows for accurate overtime tracking.

“We’ve had some really strong hires because of Recruiting. And we’ve seen a significant time savings with Onboarding because we don’t have to re-key new hire information. Paycor also does WOTC screening, which has been a huge help.”

- Erin Miller, EVO HR and Payroll

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