Case Study: Unified Wire and Cable
Case Study: Unified Wire and Cable

Case Study: Unified Wire and Cable

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A lengthy, manual timekeeping and payroll process prompted Unified Wire and Cable to seek a modern, streamlined solution with Paycor.

“Paycor is on top of it. I don’t have to worry about a change with the tax code or child support a garnishment because Paycor just takes care of it. Everyone at Paycor really knows their stuff.”

- Cathy Haener, controller, Unified Wire and Cable

Prior to Paycor

Unified Wire and Cable, based in DeKalb, Ill., had a disjointed timekeeping and payroll process that took a lot of time to compile and was fraught with potential for errors. HR leaders had to manually gather the in/out punches from the timeclock, tabulate total hours worked, separate overtime and double-time, and add vacation time or any reimbursements. After payroll was submitted, they’d receive a PDF confirmation and would have to manually enter the numbers into their GL. Onboarding took days with paper applications and documentation being passed from HR to supervisors on the floor.


  • Time consuming payroll process
  • Paper-based documentation
  • Manual timekeeping tabulation
  • Lack of custom reporting

Partnership with Paycor

New hires complete onboarding online at their convenience before day one and can immediately start working when they arrive. Supervisors can review and approve paperwork via email, eliminating the physical paper trail. Timekeeping data flows seamlessly to payroll and sends alerts regarding possible errors or unresolved issues. HR can craft custom reports to get the information they need, when they need it. Employees can update their information, view paystubs, and request vacation time using self-service and HR can send necessary communications and updated documentation without worrying about papers getting tossed out or ignored.

Solutions & Key Features

  • User-friendly, intuitive software
  • Needs-based custom reporting
  • Employee self-service
  • Faster and more accurate onboarding

7+ Hours Saved Per Pay Period

Payroll processing took all day—if not longer—to complete. Now with Paycor, Cathy can process payroll in one hour.


An automated, electronic onboarding process allows new hires to complete necessary paperwork before day one. It also allows them to review documentation at home, with their families, to make the best decision regarding taxes, etc.


Everything HR leaders need to know is right at their fingertips through reports that can be created, customized and shared in seconds. Unified Wire and Cable can design reports to provide the information that’s needed to make strategic business decisions.


With one system to access data and process payroll, Unified Wire and Cable never has to worry about compiling information from multiple sources, tax errors or data integrity.

Customer Community

Paycor’s exclusive community for customers, the CORner, allows Cathy to network with other HR leaders, share best practices and be one of the first to learn about new Paycor product offerings.

Unified Wire and Cable partners with Paycor to streamline processes, manage employees and increase efficiencies.

“The reporting is my favorite part. It takes me five seconds to create a custom report. It’s very user-friendly and it was up and running as soon as our data was entered. I can get every piece of information I need.”
- Cathy Haener, controller, Unified Wire and Cable

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