Client Spotlight: Ample

If you are looking for the modern version of an advertising agency, Ample is the perfect fit. Ample is a 2-year design agency made up of senior level talent who deliver personalized service and high-quality results. Most of their focus is spent on creating web and mobile experiences that engage people in a conversation and drive users to action.

After taking one step into Ample’s office, you realize that while they may be small, they deliver a culture that makes a big impact on their employees. “Coming in to work at Ample is unique,” comments Josh Fendley, Ample’s Strategy Partner. “There are no dividers between desks and the music is always playing. Collectively, we believe that happy people do better work, working smarter is better than working more, and that good work generates more opportunity, both on the business of our clients and the lives of the people that work here.”

Ample’s work includes the redesign of and the naming, branding and continued support of Hoist both online ( and offline. Recently, Paycor had the privilege to leverage their expertise through the redesign of Paycor's website that launched last October.

Ample has been a Paycor client since they started and used our products to push their business forward. “We're a small company and it's important that all of us stay as billable as possible,” says Fendley. “We leveraged Internet Entry from our very first paycheck to offload payroll and simplify bookkeeping. As we embarked on hiring our first employees, almost a year later, we signed up for HR On Demand to help navigate the legal red tape and government compliance. More recently, as accounting has become more complicated we added Custom Web Reporting to our suite of services to help us save time creating reports.”

Ample continues to expand on their success and look toward developing their services in other areas. “We hope to push out into new realms beyond advertising,” says Fendley. “We expect a growth in size, but at a nice controlled pace. We prefer a lean and mean staff that has some agility.