Posted on October 16, 2015

CORrecap: R-E-S-P-E-C-T and other employee engagement wins

Why employees don’t get enough respect, the worrisome 32%, Volkswagen’s culture, and seven and a half other stories we noticed among the noise this week in corporate culture, HR, employee engagement, and life + business news.

Corporate Culture

  1. It’s tough out there for Volkswagen right now: dumb is just one of the words being used to describe its corporate culture. (*source: Huffington Post*)
  2. Want to ruin your corporate culture? Try one of these five big no-nos. (*source:*)

Employee Engagement

  1. U.S. employee engagement in September was just 32%. Another article about the power of just one engaged employee to transform a business begs the question: can’t we do better? (*sources: The Financial and B2Community*)
  2. Employees and Rodney Dangerfield don’t get no respect. (*source: Chief Learning Officer*)
  3. Amazon has been checking in with its white collar workers every single day. (*source: Bloomberg*)


  1. HR Tech begins this weekend! Here are some hints at what to expect in Vegas during the conference. (*source: HR Tech Conference Blog*)

Life + Business

  1. Do fast talkers in business get their way more often? (*source: TheMuse*)
  2. Steve Jobs read these 12 books, and so should you. (*source: TheMuse/*)

Small Business

  1. Small business lessons from...the happiest place on Earth? (*source:*)
  2. Goldman Sachs is giving some respect to small businesses and female entrepreneurs—some call it "leaning out." (*source: Fortune*)

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