Posted on October 9, 2015

CORrecap: Remember more people’s names, be like Slack, and more.

Slack’s awesomeness, United Airlines’ focus on corporate culture, how to remember everyone’s name, and seven other stories we noticed among the noise this week in corporate strategy, corporate culture, HR management, payroll, and at the intersection of life and business.

Corporate Strategy

  1. Other SaaS companies we’re admiring this week: Slack. Wow. (*source: B2Community*)

Corporate Culture

  1. New United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz says fixing their corporate culture is the key to improving operations for the fledgling airline. (*source: Huffington Post*)
  2. The biggest threat to your corporate culture? Incentivizing the wrong behavior. (*source: Fast Company*)

HR Management

  1. Should you talk to HR about that? (*source: US News & World Report*)
  2. People are still trying to figure out about what the Department of Labor’s proposed changes could mean for business. (*source: The HR Source*)
  3. Interviewing someone who exhibits one of these 10 behaviors? Run. (*source: Undercover Recruiter*)

Life + Business

  1. Leave a positive legacy at work with these 4 tips, inspired by Zig Ziglar. (*source: Huffington Post*)
  2. Who doesn’t need 7 tricks for remembering other people’s names? (*source:*)
  3. More proof: networking matters. (*source:*)


  1. Most people have no clue whether their salary is too much, too little, or just right. (*source: Harvard Business Review*)

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