Posted on August 28, 2015

CORrecap: Ten Hits from This Week in HR

Is your Twitter feed overloaded? What about your inbox? Here are ten stories we noticed among the noise this week in HR, payroll and business news.

Spoiler alert: Employee engagement has been big this week.

  1. The recent stock market nosedive isn’t just a problem for investors – could it also be problematic for companies with [stock option]( programs?
  2. There’s a battle going on over whether employee engagement still matters. \_[Forbes]( says yes. [Others]( say no.
  3. “A [mistake]( \[at work\] is only bad if you don’t bring it to light and fix it.”
  4. Here's what a [21st century broker]( looks like (hint: the ACA is involved).
  5. When CEOs are under constant scrutiny by their employees, what can they do to [create trust](
  6. Your employees are already posting reviews of your company to Glassdoor and similar sites. Now, there are [new apps]( that allow you to gather the same type of feedback, but this time it’s used to benefit your organization and increase employee engagement.
  7. Speaking of employee engagement, are your employees hearing "[thank you](") enough?
  8. In an era where 70% of employees are unengaged, [some companies]( still have their employees sharing glowing reviews.
  9. Millennials do not seem to want to work for the United States [government](
  10. Business gets [rough]( How do you keep up morale in troubling times?

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Have a great weekend!

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