Posted on September 4, 2015

CORrecap: This Week in HR and Business

Is your Twitter feed overloaded? What about your inbox? Here are ten stories we noticed among the noise this week in HR, payroll and business news.

  1. "Always make a plan, even if time is short." This and 8 other [lessons from the Army]( on building a small business. (*Task & Purpose*)
  2. Where do you think your company scores on the "[happiness index]("?) (*Huffington Post*)
  3. [Marissa Mayer]( and other reasons why your leaders' behavior and your written policies should not be sending mixed messages. (**)
  4. Helping your employees improve personally and professionally isn't just good sense, it's a proven [competitive advantage]( in the talent war. (**)
  5. More tips for small business: 7 "secrets" for putting [PR to work]( for you. (*SBA*)
  6. wanna be a [broker]( (*PropertyCasualty360°*)
  7. September is National Preparedness Month. Make sure your business is [ready]( for a disaster. (*SBA*)
  8. Young leaders can help your business increase its [charitable giving]( (*Forbes*)
  9. This article supposes that Steve Jobs "probably" used these 10 songs to [train his brain]( to be more creative. (**)
  10. Don't start your weekend without knowing these [5 skills]( every HR professional needs. (*Talent Management*)

About 1,000 Paycor Associates work hard every day to make sure over 1 million American workers get paid, pay taxes, and receive benefits. Thanks to all of them and to those 1+ million for your support of small businesses and the economy. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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