CORrecap: Ten Hits from This Week in HR

Is your Twitter feed overloaded? What about your inbox? Here are ten stories we noticed among the noise this week in HR, payroll and business news.

  1. Did you hear the one about Google employees [sharing their salaries]( with each other? Is it [illegal](
  2. Major health care news: [Anthem + Cigna]( = providing coverage to about 53 million Americans.
  3. A [case against]( non-compete agreements.
  4. [5 tips]( for getting those things you don’t want to do done.
  5. “The war for talent’s over, and the talent won.” Fact or [fiction](
  6. [Some say]( HR departments have their own war to win—against critics.
  7. More on the Department of Labor’s proposed overtime rule [changes]( from SHRM.
  8. Do you struggle to get honest feedback from your employees? Try these [2 tips](
  9. Here are [7 traits]( of great leaders.
  10. Ask yourself these [5 questions]( before applying for a position in the C-Suite.

Have a great weekend!

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