Posted on September 11, 2015

CORrecap: You Have Permission to Play Fantasy Football at Work and More

"Getting scrappy" about corporate culture, fantasy football at work, Everything But the House, and seven other stories we noticed among the noise this week in HR, payroll and business news.

  1. The Department of Labor received almost 250,000 comments on its proposed OT rule changes before comments closed last Friday. We're waiting along with you to hear the final determination. (source: *Law360*)
  2. Heads up, small business owners: you can now sell your products directly through Facebook. (source: *Kim Komando*)
  3. Your dreams have come true: Fantasy football at work is actually good for business! (source: *Denver Business Journal*)
  4. Here are 6 tips for getting scrappy about building a great company culture at your startup organization. (source: **)
  5. Cincinnati business Everything but the House was featured this month in *Kiplinger's Personal Finance*. (source: *Kiplinger's*)
  6. Open enrollment season is almost here. Here are some tips for brokers for avoiding common mishaps during this busy time of year. (source: *BenefitsPro*)
  7. Can technology compliance for businesses be sexy? (source: *Forbes*)
  8. Looking for a new HR blog to follow? Here are 6 great ideas. (source: *Hennig Ruiz Law Firm*)
  9. Another mention of Facebook, this time because 70 small business consultants recently toured it, Google, and Intuit, to hear insights about small business and what social and web tools are available to help them grow their businesses. (source: *USA Today*)
  10. Before you shut down your computer for the weekend, check out these 4 tips for getting more done next week. (source: *TheMuse*)

Hope everyone had a great [National Payroll Week](! Paycor celebrated by giving our Associates a [Payday]( of their own (source: *Twitter*). Have a great weekend!

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