CORrecap: Ten Hits from This Week in HR

Is your Twitter feed overloaded? What about your inbox? Here are ten stories we noticed among the noise this week in HR, payroll and business news.

  1.'s "bruising" workplace was the subject of a *New York Times* [exposé]( this week. (And [subsequent]( articles.)
  2. One of the many responses to the report was [this]( Huffington Post article about "the importance of thriving at work."
  3. Tech workers are said to make more money...are they [happier](
  4. The ACA has made it important for everyone to be engaged in health care. Here are [7 tips]( for getting your employees more involved.
  5. Marketing + HR = [A better chance]( at winning the talent war.
  6. [Competition]( in the workplace: a healthy way to recognize and retain great performers or a collaboration-damaging concept?
  7. "Credit union [leaders]( should never underestimate the importance of developing their internal talent."
  8. To be [too nice]( or not to be too nice?
  9. Big companies like Accenture, Adobe, and Microsoft are phasing out the annual performance review in favor of more frequent [check-ins](
  10. Is your CEO [doing yoga]( with your employees?

Have a great weekend!