Posted on March 15, 2012

At Paycor, we take our clients’ feedback seriously. The enhancements to our products are based on your feedback and suggestions. The most recent build, Wednesday, March 14, 2012, was driven by feedback a client gave through the product, asking to be able to easily filter on specific department codes. Other clients then voted this request to the top signaling its importance.

Below are two key enhancements that were just added to our Custom Web Reporting product:

  • Point and click department filtering. Users can run a report for a specific department simply by clicking on that department rather than requiring advanced filters. Search functionality allows the user to find departments by either the number or name of the department.
  • Substring columns. Larger clients are set up with complex department codes in order to properly classify employees. Users will be able to break up their department codes by creating substring columns. No matter how complex a client’s structure gets, they can easily create custom groups, sort and subtotal in a simple three step wizard.

Look for the feedback tab in our products to help drive future enhancements.