Posted on October 1, 2011

Do your clients know how to avoid HR missteps that threaten their business?

Paycor offers HR Support Center, a comprehensive online resource that provides:

• Checklists to guide clients through a variety of HR processes such as termination and new hire orientation
• Customizable templates to start or supplement a handbook
• Dozens of sample policies
• Latest employment best practices
• Law library with federal and state labor laws
• Quick guides on hiring, termination, Performance management, leaves of absence and more!

Upgrade to HR On-Demand for custom guidance from HR experts.

• Unlimited phone and email access to HR professionals
• Thoroughly-researched answers to your specific questions
• Assistance in managing unique employee issues

To learn more about how you and your clients can benefit from Paycor’s HR Services, contact your sales representative, CPA Care Advocate or visit

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