Posted on January 23, 2013

Don't Put Up with A Complex Payroll System: Switching is Worth It

Jim S., owner/operator of Best Quality Pizza in Bellefontaine, Ohio, dreaded his payroll entry every other week. After he collected all his employees’ timesheets, he would spend two hours inputting the information into the system. Nine times out of ten, he had to call his provider for assistance. Since he had never had the time to attend their 8-hour training session, he was learning as he went. It seemed there was always something—he needed to add hours to an employee, cut a manual check, set up child support—things he could never figure out how to do on his own within his old provider’s overly complex system. As he described it, “It was not a user-friendly system, and it took way too long. Time is precious for an owner/operator.” And we agreed with him.

Paycor came to Jim with the suggestion that the right software could make his life easier. “I thought that was just salesman talk,” Jim said, “but it turned out to be true.” His very first payroll with Paycor’s Perform only took him 25 minutes, and he didn’t even have to call for help. “I came out of that first payroll beaming,” he said. “The system is so much more user-friendly than my old provider’s. If you’re doing your input and you need to check something, you can maneuver around very easily. I just feel so much more confident and comfortable inputting now.” With Perform, he was able to significantly cut down on the amount of time he was spending on administrative tasks, and easily make changes to employee information that had been incomplete in his old system. He says the switch really did make his life easier.

Thinking about switching but not sure it’s worth the trouble? Here’s what Jim would say to that: “I was nervous about the transition because of how long it took me to get on my feet with my old provider, but everything went pretty smoothly and the learning process was quick. I didn’t even finish the training but I was able to get through the system easily.”

Your experiences with your payroll and HR software shouldn’t seem chaotic or cause you anxiety. Find out how Perform can save you time and frustration so you can get back to the core of your business. Get in touch with us to learn more.