Posted on December 17, 2010

Tips for Being Vigilant Regarding Email Scams

A few months ago, a several of our clients reported receiving an email scam which looked like a message from the IRS claiming that their tax payment was rejected. Read the IRS’s response to this scam. As you move though this busy year-end season, we would like to help you stay vigilant against fraudulent email. The IRS, banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions may be targets for such campaigns.

When conducting business through email, please keep these recommendations in mind:
* Always be on alert for suspicious email.
* Understand how your financial institutions will communicate with you.
* The IRS does not initiate taxpayer communication through e-mail.
* Do not open suspicious-looking email. Review email tips from the IRS
* Report suspicious activity.

Paycor will never send you an unsolicited email requesting your password. If you receive an unsolicited message, do not respond and report this immediately to your payroll specialist. And any time you share your password with someone, you should change the password once the issue is resolved.

Security and confidentiality is very important to Paycor, and we want to help our clients avoid potentially fraudulent schemes. If you have any questions, please contact your payroll specialist.