Posted on December 12, 2011

Have you ever needed to write an employee a check between payroll dates?

Did you know you can accomplish this by entering a manual check your payroll system?

Here are the steps to entering a manual check with the Internet Entry payroll solution.
# Sign in, choose Internet Entry and click on enter payroll.
# You will then see your next payroll date, click Enter under manual check.
# Click on the Add Manual beside the employee name.
# You are now looking at the manual check. Go to the earnings and enter hours or go to amount and enter the amount.
# Look down the page at the voluntary deductions. Make sure what is showing should be deducted, if not click in the box and enter 0.00
# You will not see any taxes until you select the save button at the bottom of the page. The system will calculate them for you.
# At this time you can do a print screen. This print screen will serve as the check stub for your employee. Remember Paycor will not be providing you with a check stub
# You can now get out of the system. When you key your next payroll this manual will be processed behind the scenes. Paycor’s system knows not to cut a check for this but just will withhold the taxes.

If you have any questions about entering a manual check, please contact your specialist.