Gorman Heritage Farm is a 120-acre farm and outdoor education center which has been in operation since 1996. Gorman Farm has been a proud client of Paycor for 4 years utilizing our Internet Entry, HR Support Center, HR Support Center on Demand and Workers Compensation services.

Gorman Farm's main contact Sandra struggled through the “mysteries of payroll and government regulations.” Gorman Farm's payroll specialist Chakita was quick to step in and help the company out. She was always knowledgeable on the latest taxes and government regulations and was sure to refer Sandra to the proper personnel.

Sandra often reached out to Chakita for assistance and was glad to speak with a human over an automated machine. Sandra has been pleased working with Paycor over the last few years and with the performance of the company.

Sandra was so pleased with the service of Paycor and Chakita that she wrote a letter our CEO Bob Coughlin.