Posted on October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown FAQ

In light of the government shutdown currently in effect, many clients have been asking how this affects Paycor's core services, especially tax filing. Refer to the following frequently asked questions to find answers:

1. Which government services are suspended in the shutdown?

Anything requiring face-to-face or phone contact with an IRS representative, such as audits, taxpayer assistance and tax notice resolution is suspended until the agencies reopen.

2. Are payments being accepted by the federal government?

Yes, payments are still being accepted through the EFTPS system.

3. Are electronically-filed third quarter tax forms being accepted?

Yes, your third quarter tax forms will still be accepted.

4. What if I am trying to obtain a new tax ID number?

These agencies are currently closed, but you will be able to obtain a new tax ID when they reopen.

5. What if I have a tax notice that needs to be resolved?

These agencies are currently closed. If you receive a tax notice, please be sure to forward a copy to your Paycor specialist.

Please contact your specialist with any further questions, or refer to the IRS website for more information.