Posted on December 20, 2012

Help Your Clients Get Organized for the New Year

Your clients collect and store a lot of information about their employees, everything from their name and address to pay rates and training certifications. Finding all that information when they need it can be a real headache, especially if it’s stored in multiple different spreadsheets across multiple different departments. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could have all of that data in one place so they could update it all with one click? Perform comes with Custom Fields, a feature that allows our mutual clients to record any employee information imaginable and report on all of it.

For the person in charge of managing payroll and employee information at your clients’ businesses, a typical morning might look like this:

9:00 – His company hired a new employee yesterday. He enters her name, address, title and department into the payroll system.

9:07 – The new hire will also need a name badge and a parking pass. He updates the name badge spreadsheet and the parking pass spreadsheet with her information.

9:18 – She will also be issued a laptop. He emails the IT department to have them update their laptop spreadsheet.

9:23 – The training manager emails him, wanting to know which recent new hires have completed their training sessions. He pulls up another spreadsheet and emails it over.

9:35 – Someone from HR comes down to his desk to ask for a list of employees who will be celebrating anniversaries this month, so he pulls up another spreadsheet and prints it out.

9:49 – He checks his email and sees the training manager replied, this time wanting to know how many employees have continuing education certifications, so he opens yet another spreadsheet and sends it to him.

Your client is up to six spreadsheets already, and it’s not even 10:00 yet!

Perform’s Custom Fields allow clients to keep all their employee information in one place. Using Custom Web Reporting, they can quickly pull reports on employee training, certifications and anniversaries for their colleagues’ requests with the click of a button—and give you access to the reports you need, as well. Custom Fields eliminates all those back-and-forth emails and saves countless hours updating spreadsheets.

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