Posted on April 16, 2012

HR Performer Reports and Customization

Paycor's HRIS, HR Performer is easy to customize to fit the specific needs of your business. HR Performer's powerful and intuitive report writing capabilities make managing your human resources simple.

Customize HR Performer to fit your needs.

  • Custom employee portal.
    The home page through which employees access their payroll, time and attendance, and HR data can be customized with links to news items of interest to all company employees, information such as your employee handbook and printable forms, and useful websites.
  • Performance reviews.
    With HR Performer, managers are reminded when performance reviews are due, and the process is handled electronically through online evaluation forms that can be custom-designed for different jobs. Weighted averages can be assigned to each job performance category, and supporting documents can be attached to the review electronically.
  • Work flow processes.
    It is simple to create customized work flow processes in HR Performer so that an employee leave of absence, transfer or termination, for example, can be automated and handled online. Requests and other actions are automatically routed to those who need to approve and notifications are automatically sent.
  • Benefits enrollment.
    HR Performer is programmed with your benefit rules. Employees can review information for eligible plans, enroll for the benefits of their choice and make changes to plans or beneficiaries. Correct deductions for the benefits chosen are automatically sent to payroll.

HR Performer can simplify your report writing.

All employee data is constantly accessible in HR Performer. A powerful and customizable report writing system makes it easy to create and manage the reports you desire. Reports can be built from the ground up, or can be modified from one of more than 65 standard reports. The data reported can be limited and filtered in a variety of ways. Report templates can be saved for future use, and the reports generated can be exported to a PDF or Excel file or emailed directly to another manager. HR Performer can be set up to automatically run selected reports at a regular interval and to email those reports to individuals or a distribution list.

HR Performer saves administrative time.

We’ve surveyed new clients and asked them how much of their time they spent on various HR-related tasks before and after implementing HR Performer.

Before using HR Performer:

  • 70% of time was spent on administrative tasks
  • 20% spent with people
  • 10% spent on developing strategic initiatives

After implementing HR Performer:

  • 50% on administrative tasks
  • 35% with people
  • 15% on strategic initiatives

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