CORrecap: Ten Hits from This Week in HR

Is your Twitter feed overloaded? What about your inbox? Here are ten stories we noticed among the noise this week in HR, payroll and business news.

  1. Avoid “payroll = plague” fatigue: CPAs are an [important resource]( for their clients when it comes to advising them on how to choose the right payroll provider.
  2. Data, Technology, “Digital Proficiency”: The [Future]( of (Smarter) Work.
  3. Are your workers “employees” or “independent contractors”? Warning: [Legal speak]( ahead.
  4. Why you need [rock star recruiters]( on your payroll.
  5. What is the [most sought after]( HR role today?
  6. INFOGRAPHIC: Your employees may be [asleep on the job](
  7. Make the [right hiring decisions]( for your small business.
  8. The IRS is applying [increased fines]( to employers who fail to file required ACA forms in calendar year 2016.
  9. What does [Human Capital Management]( (or HCM) really mean?
  10. [Advice]( on mentoring and providing feedback from one of Aflac’s top executives.

Have a great weekend!

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