Introducing CORCasts: Providing the Latest Insights into the World of HR Technology

The challenges facing small and mid-sized business today are many, and a great deal of these obstacles concern the HR function. Whether struggling to find talent in a competitive hiring landscape characterized by numerous skills shortages, or facing greater pressure to improve how they hire, onboard, manage and compensate current talent, many businesses are unsure of the best way forward. Moreover, today’s HR professionals are often overburdened with administrative work, relying on outdated or manual processes to conduct key HR tasks.

Paycor recently launched a new podcast series, CORCasts to address these obstacles and shine some light on how today’s small and mid-sized businesses can improve their HR tactics. A leading provider of HR technology services for 25 years, Paycor is committed to simplifying people management. Through the CORCast series, the company aims to share this expertise with listeners from across the HR industry and provide thoughtful insight on the challenges of the day.

CORCasts are hosted by Stacey Browning, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of Paycor. During each episode, Browning is joined by a Paycor subject matter expert to discuss one of the many leading issues of concern for today’s HR professionals – in 10 minutes or less. The current podcasts include:

* Getting work done, staying in compliance: Jennifer Langer, senior vice president of Product Management, addresses the two most important aspects for small and mid-sized businesses today: the need to get work done efficiently in a challenging environment, and maintaining compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Workers’ Compensation and a slew of other changing regulations.

* Adopting the technology that leads to improvement: In this episode, Jeff Baumohl, a Paycor senior product manager, explores how organizations struggle with talent management processes like performance management and training, due to outdated methods. He explains how Paycor enables organizations to replace their spreadsheets and manual techniques for tracking these activities with streamlined, integrated and fully automated technology.

* Supporting CPAs in helping their clients: In light of filing deadlines for the ACA, growing need to provide real-time insight, and the everyday challenges associated with serving as the financial strategist for their client companies, CPAs face a number of challenges. John Otten, who leads the strategy and development of Paycor’s CPA channel, addresses how Paycor delivers the assistance CPAs need to drive value of their clients and create win-win situations.

Paycor’s CORCasts addresses the greatest challenges in HR technology. Stay tuned for future episodes to see how Paycor’s leading services, support and expertise can help you overcome your greatest HR challenges and lead your business to success.

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