Posted on May 24, 2013

IRS Provides Tax Relief for Oklahoma Tornado Victims

The IRS has announced extended tax filing and payment deadlines for those affected by the recent tornadoes and severe weather in Oklahoma. Businesses and individuals in Cleveland, Lincoln, McClain, Oklahoma and Pottawatomie counties will all receive special tax relief. Depending on FEMA’s damage assessments, other locations may be added to this list.

This relief postpones several tax filing and payment deadlines, including:

* June 17 deadline for making estimated tax payments
* July 31 deadline for payroll and excise tax returns
* September 3 deadline for truckers filing highway use returns
* September 16 deadline for making estimated tax payments

Affected taxpayers will have until September 30, 2013 to file returns and make payments. Taxpayers do not need to contact the agency to receive this relief, as it is provided automatically to those located in the disaster area. The IRS will also work with any taxpayer whose records or tax professionals are in the affected area, even if the taxpayer does not live there.

Taxpayers qualifying for relief who live outside the disaster area should contact the IRS at 866.562.5227. More details can be found on the IRS website’s disaster relief page.