July 2011 Release for HR Performer

The July release for HR Performer adds a new OSHA 300A report, the ability to categorize uploaded employee attachments and more.

Categorize Uploaded Employee Attachments
There is no limit to what you upload into HR Performer. Now, employee-related files allow you to categorize the type of upload and track when the upload occurred.

Simpler Compliance Reporting
We recently made updates to the OSHA 300 log report to provide better reporting during DOL audits. In this release we’ve added the full OSHA 300A required for posting workplace safety totals.

Additional Education Report Filters
You now have the ability to filter a report of employee education history by School, Major, Start Date and more.

Better Certification Tracking
Two new fields are available within your employees’ certification records. Certification Number can be used to track a licensure number or CEUs and the Notes field allows you to capture all other important details.

Wording changed on Time Off Requests
The phrase “(optional)” was removed from the Description field in time off requests through Employee Self Service; however, the field itself is still optional to your employees.

Tax Withholding and Direct Deposit Page Changes
Your employees’ tax withholding and direct deposit information from Paycor for Windows Payroll is now stored on two separate pages as HR > Employees > Taxes and HR > Employees > Direct Deposits, respectively. The layout of these pages has been updated to prepare for future changes we have in development. As part of this change the Security Group and Union fields are now stored on the HR > Employees > Employee page and the Client ID field is now stored on the HR > Employees > Position/Pay and HR > Employees > History page.

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