How Do You Know When It’s Time to Change Providers?

Companies are often daunted by the idea of changing to a new payroll and HR provider. Change management can be complicated, and organizations will frequently tolerate considerable pain before deciding to make a switch. For Brad M., Director and CEO of KH Network Credit Union in Dayton, OH, issues with his previous payroll provider, Horizon Payroll Services, drove him to realize that change was necessary.

Brad had been content with Horizon until the provider underwent a change in ownership a few years ago. “The service level immediately went down,” said Brad. He explained that the breaking point came after multiple errors were made payday after payday. “I noticed that there were even errors on my paycheck,” said Brad. “And when the boss isn’t happy, nobody’s happy.” He decided that a switch needed to be made, so he began the search for a new provider.

After considering several options, Brad ultimately chose Paycor. One of the most important factors in his choice was the ability to use a web-based time and attendance system that would flow into the payroll system, eliminating the time-consuming double entry that previously plagued his staff. He also wanted to avoid installing any software, so an online system like Paycor's Perform was a must.

But above all, he has found client service to be the most valuable aspect of partnering with Paycor. “Our specialist, Vicki, quickly takes care of any issues we may have,” he said. Responsive service paired with the right technology allows company leaders like Brad to focus their full attention on what matters most: their business.

Are you facing similar issues with poor service, payroll errors or wasted time? Learn more about why our intuitive, cloud-based technology and award-winning service makes switching to Paycor an easy choice.